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With the financial wellbeing of mothers being one of the 5 areas that we are focused on, we are playing our role to ensure NFT projects led by moms are highlighted as much as possible. Below are some of the fantastic projects that you can support.

2-Turbulent Alienation - Marika Wallace.jpg

"Turbulent Alienation"

Attempting to depict the world of childhood mental illness



Check out @CanticosNFT! They're launching Kiki Chickie NFTs to support female creators like @sujaramillo, a Latina mom and the artist behind Canticos. She's on a mission to help kids learn!

Screenshot_20220215-003510_Instagram - Isa Rus.jpg

Behind Ice

Frozen with anxiety, I created this collection fully shot behind Ice to create an abstract composition. The distorted view of ordinary things, the unability to create or concentrate. Inspired on wavism, here is Behind Ice.

dawn chorus_final - Charlotte Clark.jpg

A Flight of Fancies

Cute, quirky, bright and beautiful! Art that imagines the crazy personalities of those we share this world with, inspired by the beauty of the world around us. Art by @charalottee - mom of 1, with another due in just a few weeks!

Untitled_Artwork - 2022-02-15T123109.372 - Danielle Shannon.png

The Blood Moon

The artist Danielle, known on twitter as @cryptoboop is a mother, survivor, and mental health warrior who hit rock bottom hard in 2014, and came back to spread love & positivity to the people around her every day.

68D5EC3E-84F4-4829-9FCD-3741213F86AF - SIDRA MUNTIHA.png

Marilyn Monroe NFT Club

This NFT collection is a portrait of the most iconic American actress Marilyn Monroe. The purpose of creating this collection was to highlight and reinvent the beauty of such a powerful and attractive women. Each portrait symbolizes intimacy and adds uniqueness to her charming character. #nftcommunity #womeninnft #momswhomint VERTBATIM @opensea @womeninnfts @metaverse

Spiral Sequence Wine - Grumpy Sommelier.png

The Grumpy Sommelier

These are all 1:1 bottles of wine, made with love from my personal collection. The maximum supply of this small collection will be 60 bottles of Grumpy Wine.

This collection functions as an 'early bird' ticket for the main collection: Grumpy Cantina Wine Club. Holding one of these will grant you:

🔥 automatic WL (winelist) role when joining our Discord server 🔥 a FREE mint (+ gas fee) on the main GCWC Collection!

That's right, FREE mint on the NFT + physical wine bottle!

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