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12 Simple Steps To Earning A Living Doing What You Love

Can you actually make money doing what you love? You're about to find out. More than 10 million people in over 190 countries have already gotten started. Download the ebook - get started today.

Have you been wanting to chase your passion even though you don't know how to make money from it.

Because its something that you love, you will put in the time and effort to build it up to more than just a hobby.


And if you're anything like me, then what probably happened is that you spent months, years even, working on your hobby without setting a clear goal of making money from it.

I was exactly where you are right now just a few years ago. I was s stay-at-home mom with a child that was in school and what felt like endless days with nothing to do. 

So I decided to start a business. I was so excited and was so sure that my plan was going to work when I got started that I dove in head first. I got some traction but was quickly beginning to feel burnt out. I had no real excitement left. 

So I decided to try something new and chase a different business idea, and the same thing that happened before happened again. Not just once or twice but 3 times. 

I was frustrated and decided I was done. I was giving up. And I did for a little while and in that time started doing more of the things that I loved. 

Here's the catch though, even though I was having a good time I dreamed of the day when I would have a successful business doing something I love. 

That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could turn what I loved doing into a business. In fact I had developed such a passion for so many new hobbies that I was determined to turn all of them into businesses. I haven't gotten them all started, but some day soon, all my passions will be businesses. 

Are you in the same boat? 

Are you ready to figure out how to turn this thing you love into a money maker but have no idea how to do it?


That's where I come in. Finally.

I wrote this book to share with you valuable information and resources that will help you do just that. This ebook will give you a 12 step process to get clear on your idea and bring it to life in the form of a business. 

Not just that...


It's 2022, and we have access to a vast collection of online tools that could help us turn our dream into reality – such as course platforms like Udemy and Skillshare or marketplace websites where we can sell our products and services online. You'll learn all about these opportunities in Passion To Profit.


So what happens next?

Here's the thing...


No one can promise that pursuing your passion will be easy.


I won't lie to you and say that it will be. However, I can tell you with certainty how much effort will be required from you – which is around 1 - 2 hours every day of focused work on this business and in 30 days you will be up and running and possibly realizing your first profits. 

The ball is in your court and power is in your hands. You get to decide. 


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Here's What You Get In This Ebook...

Step into the life you love and make money doing it. Thousands of people are earning their living doing what they love, and its never been easier to do. This ebook will show you how to follow in the footsteps of successful artists and entrepreneurs who've figured it out: choosing your passions, creating something valuable and making money doing it.



I've always loved writing and editing but wasn't sure how to launch a business doing what I love. This ebook gave me so much valuable and actionable content that helped me get clear. 


Business Coach

I loved the clarity that came with this ebook. The step-by-step process was easily digestible and not overly complicated. 


Stay - at - home Mom

As a stay-at-home mom I was really looking for something to do that would keep me busy and also bring in some money. I was very intent on creating a source of income for myself but I would never have thought I could start a business. This ebook helped me do just that and I am now making more money doing what I love than I would ever have thought. 

Pick Your Plan


Mini Ebook


Gain instant access to 12 the steps steps you can take to start making money doing the things that you love. 

From building the right foundation to growing your business with effective ways of sharing your product or service. 


Workbook and Coaching 


This package is the combination of all the amazing content found in the ebook and the workbook paired with coaching. 

  • Monthly coaching meetings

  • Ongoing mail and call support

  • Business evaluation at launch, at 6 month point and 12 month point.  



My name is Mellap and I am a web3 content creator, copywriter, business consultant and the Founder of Maternal Instinct. 

In 2019 I started my business not knowing what it was going to look like or even if I would get clients but I started and over the years it has evolved. 

I thought that my work just had to be a job that I did to bring the money in but the thing that I quickly realized was that I could make money doing things that I love. 

The biggest testament of that is Maternal Instinct. My passion in life is to positively impact the lives of women and children in every capacity available to me and that is what gave birth to this book. I am so excited for you to start your journey. I am absolutely excited to cheer you on. 

As you start this journey, please know that I am available to help if you need it. Do not hesitate to reach out. 

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